The members of the firm have considerable experience in both litigation and non-litigation matters relating to probate. We are prepared to assist heirs and persons designated as personal representatives by answering questions about the probate process, provisions in a will, matters of inheritance where there is no will, in the filing of a probate if that is required and in guiding the personal representative in the performance of his or her duties through closure of the estate.  We also advise heirs and creditors of estates regarding their rights in the probate process.

The members of the firm also have considerable experience in advising clients when conflict or disagreement arises among persons with an interest in a probate.  Disputes between heirs, between heirs and the executor of the estate, or between a creditor and the executor or heirs may lead to litigation. The practices of Frank Gebhardt and Rob Greer have focused on representation in litigation matters such as these.  They can provide advice and counsel as well as legal representation to persons finding themselves in a conflict situation, whether or not litigation has been filed.  Disagreements can also arise over the will itself, the meaning of provisions in the will, whether it is valid or whether it is the product of undue influence or was executed by a person whose mental capacity was impaired to such an extent that the will would not be recognized as legal.
Disputes and disagreements can also arise over actions of the executor or failure of the executor to take action.  This could involve a failure of the executor to carry out his or her duties, self-dealing by the executor, favoritism shown by the executor where heirs are not treated equally or a failure of the executor to carry out the provisions of the will.  We are available to counsel and answer questions, investigate the circumstances giving concern, and if necessary, represent clients by initiating litigation or defending clients who have suits filed against them.